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Preserving Dignity & Creating Memories for Your Family

What Our Client's Say

Dear Christine and Jim,

Thank you so much for being you and for doing what you do to help families preserve dignity and make positive memories while experiencing difficult circumstances associated with the end of life.

My husband who had lived a happy, active, and productive life with coronary artery disease and mild heart failure for over 30 years was diagnosed with end-stage heart failure at the end of last year.  We found ourselves in almost constant turmoil trying to keep pace with changes in his health status. There seemed to be no environment appropriately equipped to address his needs. Over the course of five and a half months, he was hospitalized at least 8 times with a few weeks at home with intensive home health supervision or in one of four different rehabilitation facilities.  We met wonderful, caring people during each of those experiences. However, when my husband was not sick enough to warrant hospitalization he was too sick and unstable to be an appropriate candidate for rehabilitation or home care.  Despite dedicated assistance from social workers and case managers, we were not able to find an environment where we could preserve dignity and safely address our unique and difficult circumstances until we found Golden Age Senior Placement.  

I am a nurse with multiple degrees in the field and a long career with varied experience but found myself in a very personal situation for which the education and experiences had not prepared me. There are many trained professionals and there is an abundance of information available offering suggestions and generalized information to use as a practical guide in locating and selecting nursing homes, rehabilitation, or long-term care facilities. Those resources may be very helpful for families with simple and uncomplicated issues. I needed to have someone, like you and Jim, who could walk with me through the process of identifying our specific problems then locating and visiting facilities that were best equipped to address those issues.

You recognized and understood the uniqueness of our circumstances. You indeed, learned our standards and values as you helped us identify the living arrangements that would best meet our needs. You provided us with the most essential, customized level of support that facilitated our decision making.  Ultimately, with great care and compassion you guided and supported me in selecting the place where my husband and I could feel safe,  welcomed, cared for, respected and where we were able to do the work necessary for us to say our final goodbyes.

I will be eternally grateful for your support and caring.  Thank you.


Suzanne S. Yarbrough PhD, RN (Ret)