Preserving Dignity & Creating Memories for Your Family

I have had the pleasure of working with Christine both directly and indirectly for over 5 years. During Christine’s years as a Regional Sales Manager, her tremendous leadership abilities never ceased to amaze me.

Christine’s adaptability with her customers, employees, and patients is only the beginning of why she has been so successful. I feel what makes Christine the most successful is her caring attitude and incredible work ethic. When a patient or employee had needs that had to be met there was no time clock that Christine would follow. Her leadership qualities were shown by example.

Christine has an extensive network in the community that she taps into daily. Another exceptional quality of Christine is her volunteerism. I am always in awe of her drive to be the best not only on the job but also in her commitment to the community and their needs.

With her abilities, adaptability, and dedication Christine is an asset to any team. I have no doubts that you will be exceptionally pleased with her abilities.


Pat Dworak