Preserving Dignity & Creating Memories for Your Family

I met Christine over 6 years ago when we were both working at one of the largest hospices in San Antonio. Words that come to mind when thinking of our first meeting are professional, kind, knowledgeable, warm, and caring.

One of my first memories of Christine was her warmth and how helpful she was. It wasn’t just “if you need anything,” it was her genuine willingness to help someone. Over the years this has continued. Christine goes out of her way to assist anyone with whatever their needs are. She is a take-charge person who is able to present ideas and communicate with anyone - no matter their level of education or knowledge.

Currently, I am a case manager in a very busy hospital in San Antonio. Frequently I call upon Christine for assistance with patients and their discharge needs. When I have a patient or family that says “just don’t know what I’m going to do,” I know to call Christine.  She often pulls the rabbit of out the hat and makes things happen. Her resources are endless but most of all the care and kindness she shows for others is genuine. No matter what the situation is, she adapts and makes things happen.

Over the years my relationship with Christine has moved from professional to personal and I consider it a privilege and an honor to call her friend.

Christine Hollan is a person that is professionally and personally a person that gets the job done while at the same time remaining professional and caring.


Beverly A. McClanahan, BSN, RN